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The accumulation of immunoreactive L1 was greatest in a non-neuronal element of the major fibre bundles, the lateral olfactory tract, olfactory and temporal limb of the anterior commissure, corpus callosum, stria terminalis, globus pallidus, fornix, mammillothalamic tract, solitary tract, and spinal tract of the trigeminal nerve.

High to highest levels of non-neuronal and neuronal L1 were found in the grey matter; the piriform and entorhinal cortices, hypothalamus, reticular part of the substantia nigra, periaqueductal grey, trigeminal spinal nucleus etc.

While we can't deny at all that they were truly a revolutionary development, they've become played out at this point.

It's been taken over by the large studios it initially popped up in resistance to and they're back to feeding us the same stuff over and over again.

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