Validating my windows xp

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Microsoft also provides more information on genuine Microsoft software but I do find it odd that they even care about Windows XP, three months after the final end-of-life date for the product.

Do Microsoft really believe that, by telling me my copy of their out-of-date product is not genuine, I am likely to go out and buy a copy of Vista?

Microsoft's descriptions of this initiative focus on the good things that will come from participating in the program.

Some advantages are tangible: Get a free copy of Photo Story 3 for Windows, for example.

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Do share your thoughts below in the comments section.Alternatively, click the "Windows Activation" icon in the notification area to start the activation process. Click the "Use the automated phone system to activate" link, click the drop-down menu, then select the activation location closest to you.Click "Next" to view the Microsoft Product Activation Center phone number.I recenty switched from AT&T Uverse to Time Warner because AT&T Uverse could not support Cisco VPN Client. The family all use MACs but I have a PC because my job requires a computer with windows.

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