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After a friend in another country expressed an interest in importing and selling American-made baby items, I agreed to do some research on popular brands, to find out which were made in the U. First I found adult-sized pacifiers for sale on EBay. Paraphilic infantilists call themselves ABs for “Adult Babies.” While some apparently derive some sexual gratification from the behavior, for the most part adult baby behavior is not linked to pedophilia, because pedophilia is not a baby behavior, and these folks seek to both behave and be treated like babies. While doing so, I stumbled upon something very, very odd. Here is a fairly tasteful You Tube video that takes a look inside the lives a handful people who engage in this very odd behavior. I discovered that there is a small subset of people who engage in paraphilic infantilism, or behavior called “adult baby syndrome.” These people enjoy regressing to an infantile state.There are also subsets of AB behavior types within the larger behavior class.The idea of “Sissy Shaming” intentional or otherwise is ever present in our community.

We will update this page at regular intervals, and you can click following links to view full article: Many women will only settle for the best when it comes to everything in life including the men they date.

For example, some adults are fine with being and acting like adults, but just love to wear diapers.

They may wear diapers under their regular adult street clothes or just lounge around in them at home.

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