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On Spanish site , one 22-year-old participant explains that he would "prefer to take the risk of contracting AIDS than wear a condom all his life" before noting that it's possible to find the blue pills preventing the virus on the black market.

states that this unsettling phenomenon already occurred in the US back in the 1990s.

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"Some parties only accept those with the virus while others provide blue pills which are meant to prevent the contraction of the virus – drugs which are not prescribed in Spain and are thus bought on the black market." notes that the city's Hospital Clínico y Provincial de Barcelona is seeing the effects of the sinister trend.

that sounded the alarm with an article entitled "Sexual Roulette, a Worrying Phenomenon in Barcelona", published April 18.

The phenomenon in question refers to the emergence of unusual – and extremely unsettling – parties being held in the Catalonian capital.

However, it’s not clear how big this risk actually is: Mallolas said some of his patients attend “blue” parties, where attendees take anti-retroviral medication like Truvada to reduce their risk of infection.

David Moskowitz, a professor at New York Medical College and an expert on so-called “bug chasers,” or people who actively try to contract HIV through sex, thinks the people who attend sex roulette parties have reached a level of boredom with all other sexual avenues and are looking for something risky to get their adrenaline pumping again.

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