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"Once a game gets RAM we never give it back," he said. "It's not possible to retrofit something like that after the fact." As revealed by Eurogamer yesterday, PS Vita, due out in Europe early next year, actually has more RAM than the PS3. That's the reason in terms of the ability to have voice chat across different games." So, voice chat is better on Vita than PS3?

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I just bought the game and went straight into multiplayer and for the life of me I can't find any way to chat with other players.

(which seems crazy to me)Anyways, any insight would be greatly appreciated and again, I am sorry if this has already been addressed several times.

Well it's nothing game breaking but it would be nice to text chat to other players or send them a quick message if you get separated telling them about a gold chest or elite pack. Unless you deaf or mute there is no point, although It is disappointing for people with those disabilities though.

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