Backdating training contract

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Here’s a sanitized version of a handout I put together for a client’s sales-training pres­en­ta­tion some time back.

backdating training contract-7

backdating training contract-85

This can be a federal Truth in Lending Act violation since it will lead to interest for the period prior to the actual execution of the replacement RISC that can be a misstatement of the APR. Training F&I personnel and making sure that they understand the dangers of backdating are, of course, important.

This no-changes policy applies to all contract documents, including, for example:• Proposal / Sales Quote T&Cs • Enterprise License Agreement. No shipping of orders without Legal approval if the customer does not sign the Sales Quote form.

If the customer doesn’t sign the Sales Quote, then any T&Cs in the cust­omer’s purchase order might supersede the Company’s T&Cs — and might have little or no legal protection for the Company. All contract documents must be timely provided to Accounting — no excep­tions.

An entrance certificate is issued by the Society to certify that an individual is a fit and proper person to enter into a traineeship.

A copy of the entrance certificate application form and current fit and proper guidance notes are available.

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