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In a classic tale of mystery, two twin sisters Emma and Sutton propose a risky scheme to swap lives — but then something goes very wrong when one disappears.The remaining twin is left in a life that she knows little about other than everyone around her is lying about something.BLAIR: I thought the writing was really great and that’s one of the first things that I noted when I was reading scripts during pilot season.I liked that fact that it was based on a book that was well-written.Laurel wore Sutton’s top to look good since she’s now single but secretly she’s back to dating Justin. Rebecca is joining the Country Club and Alec makes it easier for her by putting in a good word. Rebecca and Alec continue to get closer and arrange a date.Laurel is ecstatic, Ted is angry and Kristin just wants some answers. Ted losses it with Rebecca at the club, telling her to leave his family alone and that she knows the reason he left L. Seems it wasn’t because of Justin’s mom's death afterall.Laurel comes clean to Rebecca about her and Justin secretly dating.

I knew it was going to make a lot of material for the actors and some cool scenes. ANDY: It’s another one of those great ABC Family shows that I’ve become a big fan of. So I don’t really identify with my character’s situation since I don’t have the same problems.

Emma and Mads ask Rebecca if she was with Alec all night and she says she was. Rebecca continues to stir up trouble in other areas.

She offers to record a demo song for Laurel, Baz and the rest of the band.

After her foster brother, Travis, frames her for stealing from her foster mother, Emma goes on the run and decides to meet up with Sutton.

Already having leads on their birth parents, Sutton wants to go to Los Angeles and find more information about them, convincing Emma to take her place for the next few days.

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