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But as we all know, when you’re in it, your perception is skewed. I wasn’t sure I’d ever experience that again, and yet, there I was. How many times have I heard “I’m not ready” from a guy? So this is what I decided to do…Instead of pushing him away, I just chose to accept what is and embrace it. Over the course of a few months, we built a very deep bond. How can you create such meaningful relationships in such a short amount time, when there are people you’ve known for years who will never understand you at such an intimate level? And I’m grateful for those experiences, because they are far and few in between. Not only that, but there was obvious deep-rooted issues within myself that were the core problem for all of these failed attempts. I needed to stop expecting people to love me in order to believe that I am worth loving.I wouldn’t let go because I was afraid I wouldn’t feel that connection with someone again. You continue going about your life, seeing the world in shades of gray, when all of a sudden, you meet someone who adds some color. But remember how I said the Universe gave me another test? Here is a guy that I have a rare connection with, who I enjoy speaking to and value as a person. And that’s what’s so amazing about these sorts of connections. I was telling one of my girlfriends this whole scenario, and then it hit me, and I told her–Damn, is this what guys deal with in the friend zone? I needed to fill myself up with love, which is much harder to do, before I could accept anyone else’s love. We have very little in our control in this world, but we can always control the way we react to the various situations we face, and in this particular instance, I’m just allowing myself to appreciate the connections that I cherish so deeply, without any hidden agenda. And if not, that’s fine, too, because regardless, this process helped me reach a new capacity in my understanding of forming relationships, both romantic and platonic.

What comes to mind when you think about the meaning of “diabolical”?

He also loves to divide families and churches by creating .

No matter what sex; female or male, every narcissist or sociopath has an agenda when in search of a relationship.

It used to be a buzzword and now it’s just business as usual.

It may have become mainstream but I still see mistakes which limit people’s success.

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